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Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

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Out of curiosity, was the sex scene between Lily and Nina real, or was it just Nina hallucinating? We see Lily's face change to look EXACTLY like Nina's, Lily's tattoo "comes to life" what she is going down on Nina, and Lily says something like: "my good little girl" before shoving that pillow in her face. We see Nina hallucinating throughout the film, so, it was possible that all of it was just merely in her head.

Lily's denial of it and acting completely like nothing ever happened also supports my suspicion that Nina was, in fact, hallucinating.  

What are your opinions? Was it real? Why or why not?

I, myself, hope that it was and the extra bits like Lily's crazy tattoo, Lily's face changing, and the "my good little girl" bit were totally fake.